Accounts Table
Account # First Name Last Name Address City State Postal Code
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Card # Name on Card Balance Spending Limit Alert Limit Is Card Locked
card # name on card balance limit alert/td> locked
Accounts Table
Card # Name on Card Account # Balance Spending Limit Alert Limit Is Card Locked
card # name on card account #/td> balance limit alert/td> locked
Payments Terminal
Payment Transaction
Transaction ID
Related Transaction ID
Date & Time
Response Code
Merchant Name
Card Number
Security Code
Payment Transactions
Date Transaction ID Type Amount Merchant Card # Response
There are no transaction in the payments log.
API Request Log
There are no entries in the request log.

About ACME Card Manager

ACME Card Manager simulates how a traditional NonStop payment application (such as BASE24 or Connex) might be REST-enabled using LightWave Server. Typical account and card functions are supported from the relevant menu items. Transactions can be initiated from the Terminal view with the results viewed on the Transactions view. A small range of relevant response codes are simulated, and the result of the transaction (success or failure) can be seen in real-time in the Terminal view, and historically in the Transactions view.

All of these services are provided as REST APIs by LightWave Server working in conjunction with simple demo Pathway Servers on the NonStop. The details of all data exchanged with the REST services can be viewed in the API Request Log view - this shows all requests sent to the NonStop, and all responses returned.

When enabled, the application Pathway servers use LightWave Client to send SMS notifications to simulated cardholders using the AWS Simple Notification Service REST API. Notifications are sent for sale and void transactions, and card lock status changes.

LightWave Server™ allows HPE NonStop users to expose their existing Guardian or Pathway servers as industry-standard REST services.

LightWave Client™ allows applications running on HPE NonStop servers to securely access public or private REST APIs.

For information on LightWave products, visit the NuWave Technologies Documentation Center

Full source code for this application is available on Github.

This application is a simulation. Card and account numbers are ficticious and no actual payment transactions occur.